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The law firm of Henefeld & Green, P.C., has represented plaintiffs and government agencies in civil rights litigation since 1991. We handle complex constitutional claims based on Sections 1981 and 1983 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, along with state civil rights laws enacted by the state of Georgia. Our deep experience and knowledge in this critical legal area help us strive for justice. We represent clients in Atlanta and across the state.

Insight Into Both Sides Of Civil Rights Law

Civil rights law can be complex, and claims can generate a lot of emotion on both sides. An attorney is necessary to unwind the law and apply the facts so that the client knows where they stand. Since 1991, we have represented victims of discrimination and other violations of constitutional rights. We also represent government employees, prison officials and state- and county-level agencies accused of civil rights violations such as racial discrimination. Because we understand both sides of these intricate and important claims, we can anticipate the other party’s legal strategies and plan appropriate responses. We will never be surprised or unprepared.

Civil rights law is often related to constitutional law. For example, Section 1983 claims are based on alleged violations of constitutional rights under the color of law, such as the rights to due process and equal protection. Without our years of experience in constitutional law, it can be easy to miss key components of the case. Our experience, up-to-date knowledge and passion for constitutional law give us an advantage.

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We invite you to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your civil rights matter. You can meet with us at our office or at another location convenient to you. We can also arrange a virtual meeting online. Call 678-856-3512 or email us for an appointment.